Binary Scanner is a frontend for ldd and nm to view and analyze symbol names of dynamicly linked ELF executables, as they are used by Linux and other Unix like operating systems.

It shall help developers and release managers to improve the quality of binaries shipped with Linux releases, in terms of number of library dependencies and vast amount of dynamic symbols within the libraries and executables. As it seems, some executables depend on shared libraries such as but do not refer to any of its functions or constants. On more over, many executables re-export symbols  which are have been “cloned” from library header files accidentely. Both influence the startup time of dynamicly linked executables significantly.

This tool gives developers and Q&A an easy to use tool at hand to inspect and analyze selected binaries.

The sources are hosted at The tool provides a text mode and a Gtk+ based GUI mode.

3 Responses to “BinScan”

  1. Randall Says:

    Where can I download this? Why no download link?

  2. Randall Says:

    The sourceforge page above, has no download link or link to project page.

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