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Ubuntu 8.10 on Medion Akoya 1210

January 24, 2009

Installation of Ubuntu 8.10 works perfectly from USB stick; I used the UNetBootin tool ( to install the ISO image on that USB device (should be 1GB).

After the installation I changed to more compact theme “HumanCompactSmallIcons”, so the dialogs fit better onto the small netbook display (1024×600). The theme works great and can be downloaded from Martin Ankerl site

The only thing that does not work properly is the internal webcam. Wondering, as for Ubuntu 8.04 I got it to work with patched version of the driver. Thought that would have been integrated into 8.10 in the meanwhile. I will check this out.

Note: I modified my netbook a bit, replaced the 802.11g/n by 802.11b/g WLAN device, upgarded to 2GB RAM and replaced the 80GB harddisk by MTRON-32GB-SSD (which fits just so).

Ubuntu 8.10 VPN routing via WLAN

January 24, 2009

After upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 I was not able to ping any host via the established VPN connection to office anymore. The VPN connection succeeds but the routing of IP traffic via WLAN device to that VPN network does not work. The solution was to enable the IP traffic forwarding in /etc/syctl.conf file, changing the following options to:

#### /etc/sysctl.conf #############
# Uncomment the next line to enable packet forwarding for IPv4

# Uncomment the next line to enable packet forwarding for IPv6
#### end

These settings are activated on each boot. To activate the new settings at runtime wihtout booting, call command

$ sudo sysctl -p